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Venom R - Braum Racing Fixed Back Seats (Single Seat)

$339.99 USD

$339.99 each seat.


VENOM-R fixed back seat offer BRAUM Racing’s typical combination of style, support, and comfort, but in a form factor well suited for the 5’10” and above crowd. But make no mistake—the seats’ long shoulder bolsters are designed to accommodate shorter drivers as well; along with gentle thigh bolsters, they provide the perfect balance between the support you demand at the track and the comfort you need on the street. With our fixed back bucket seat design, any corner on the track will be handled with absolute precision and accuracy, while the injection molded foam, with its goldilocks-firm cushioning, provides the comfort you need for your long commute.

Fixed Back Bucket
Injection molded foam
Leatherette option comes with faux carbon fiber fabric backing
Bottom & side mount compatibility (will need vehicle-specific seat brackets)
Comes with one bucket seat and dual lock slider for front-back adjustment
22 lbs. (without bracket or sliders)
Fits up to 38” waist
Limited Lifetime Warranty

Please note: All aftermarket seats require vehicle specific seat brackets for proper installation.

Visit Braumracing.com for more details.